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Reblog this if you like to RP with people for more reasons than simply wanting their Muse to be in love with yours. If you actually enjoy building a relationship (whatever kind it may be) between them, rather than just starting out with the pure intent of making their Muse love yours.
((Please. I need help.))


((A good friend of mine might try to commit suicide tonight. She is an internet friend so I cannot go stay with her to ensure that she doesnt. I dont know if there is a number you can call to report someone who may be trying to commit suicide as she lives in a different state then me. I need help on this. Please, if you can, send me anything that may help. And if you can’t, please reblog this so other people can see this. ))


//We have be blind the hole time 


So this is pretty much the most accurate thing that ever described how I RP….

I am happy :)

League of Legends

Well I just finished promotionals and I was put into Sliver V. Needless to say I am very surprised. I had lost 6 out of the 10 games, but I was playing with a friend who is like Gold something so maybe that helped. I don’t know, but Silver is cool, I am happy with Silver.

Well, I’ve got my first part time job and I stock the shelves at M&Ms, so in in a freezer for most of the time. My supervisor Manny kept telling me if I get cold I can stock from the outside of the freezer. I never did and all that was running through my head as he was saying this was “the cold never bothered me anyway.”